Xavier International School, Sundargarh

Address:Behind TDCC, Petrol Pump, Bhawani Bhawan Area, Sundargarh, Odisha-770001

Phone: 9438760609, 9439000999

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Website: www.xiss.co.in
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Xavier International School Sundargarh is an initiative of Sigma Educational and Training Trust, a registered body. It is founded by stalwarts from various sectors. These persons of eminence and grandeur were concerned about the budding generation that would shape and lead India in future.

The founders thought that education with best of global standards and technology along with strong moorings in the Indian culture and values was the need of hour. Their strong belief in an education system that lets a child explore and learn from all the over world.

At XISS, we believe that modern technology and Indian culture are not antagonistic, but rather complementary. As the great philosopher Vinoba Bhave said, “Science + Spirituality = Sarvodaya, while Science + Politics = Destruction”. XISS stands to shape young minds to be the leaders of prosperous and peaceful tomorrow.

Onwards we go forward we march. XISS strives to create global citizens with deep rooted Indian values so as to make positive differences in the world they live.


XISS will groom its students to be sensitive and confident individuals, empowered with knowledge, creativity and ability to innovate. XISS students will cherish their roots in Indian culture and be global in their outlook and achievements.

Teaching Methodology

In XISS we believe and follow the SMART CLASS concept which helps the students to learn as well as visualize the subjects which they read.

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