Supath Smart School, Khambhat

Address:Shree BD Rao College, Khambhat, Gujarat-388620

Phone: 02698 226940

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CLASSES: Nursery to XII

It is indeed a great privilegeto in the direction of imparting education through English Language as a medium of teaching. As eduction is a process of human enlightenment and empowerment for achivment of a better and higher quality of life, it is important how the process begins. In the information age, gone are the days where the caliber of an individual was judged onli on the basis of examination and assessments.

With the changing time, all-round development of an individual is a key factor in education. In "SUPATH" through sound and value basededucation potentiality,strengthening of the competence and transformation of their interests, attitudes and value can be achieved.

Quality education, being a motto of the mission by the trust, focues on integrated learning, conprehensive,approach, development of human skill all through a less burden and funfilled environment to stimulate the development of children of present time.The Trust encourages such intiations with a deep sense of service to the socity through means of education,looking forward to co-operation to work with. Our goal is to be bring out the new generation's children with right values in their decisions.

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