DAV Public School, Sector 49

Address:Uppals Southend, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurugram, Haryana-122001

Phone: 0124 4255975, 4227866

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Website: dav49gurugram.org
CLASSES: Nursery to VIth

We at D.A.V Public School, sec-49, Gurgaon, believe in revitalizing ancient values and reintegrating them to suit the changing needs of modern times so as to give our students the strength to assimilate whatever is good in the new world, without being swept off their feet.

The teaching methodology adopted is comprehensively learner-centric which emphasizes on laying a strong foundation of the concepts right from the formative years through enquiry-based learning by stimulating their curiosity and inquisitiveness. To enable this, ample opportunities to explore and experience the material and situations around them are provided. Hands-on experiences through well-equipped laboratories, activity-based explanations, case studies, group discussions, field projects, audio-visual presentations, etc., are intricately designed catering to the creativity, utility and interest of individual learner.

The school strongly believes in improving the quality of education and empowering children to become successful individuals and responsible citizens and follows innovative pedagogy which aims at increasing knowledgeability, rationale thinking and self-sufficiency. We strive to release the future youth of India from the bondage of worn out customs, whilst protect them from the present day materialistic outlook of life.

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