Primus Public School, Bengaluru

Address:Post Box No. 21, Chikanayakanahalli Village, Off. Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560035

Phone: 080 25741450, 25741451
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The Mission of the Primus Trust
Primus Trust will aspire to carry a reputation for consistently producing citizens whose urge for excellence will help them achieve their goals and go beyond.

The Vision of the Primus Public School
To provide school education that ensures academic excellence, empowers students and arms them with faculties that will help them conquer their dreams.

Organizational Values
1.Sans peur Without fear!
The school maintains a campus that is without fear. At Primus each student will have the right to information. With a strong awareness of rules and consequences, they are able to choose right conduct and act responsibly. This is a vital quality for each citizen in a democracy. The school provides an environment where students will evolve into fearless and responsible individuals. This stems from our belief that when self-esteem is inculcated in children at an early age, honesty and courage get ingrained into their character.

2. Excellence
At Primus, the unequivocal benchmark for performance is excellence. Pursuit of excellence is an attitude that one carries all through life. This has to be cultivated from childhood. Be it academics or co-curricular activities, a small task or a large project, the hallmark of all at Primus is the passion for excellence. The staff and teachers at Primus lead by example.

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