Indradhanush Pre School, Jaipur

Address:14, Gayatri Nagar, B, Durgapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302020

Phone: 7340067473

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CLASSES: play Group

About Us
We, at Indradhanush, have utmost faith in each childís absolute potential. Each kid is amazing & can be a leader. We believe that each kid must be given a structure of his/her own choice of learning. The environment of learning must be encouraging, patient & emphatically joyful.

Well, this wasnít clear to us until we were hit hard as a parent when we saw our own children were not quite progressing even they were going to the best available schools in Bangalore. Our children started off very well in early schooling but later on got terrified of the same school (a franchisee of leading pre-school in India). Later, we took them to another most reputed school in Bangalore but got same sort of complaints & suggestions, summarising our kids were not concentrating and needed special attention at home. We also tried Abacus classes but the problem aggravated. We, then, started researching about the reasons behind & the most alarming reasons we found, are:
Teaching is standard & not flexible as per the studentís interest and pace.
Teaching aids are limited and repetitive. No new innovations in this area.
Smart classes are limited to projectors only.

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