Victory World School, Greater Noida

Address:N31, Swarn Nagri, Gate No 2, Near MSX Mall, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR-201310

Phone: 9599347834

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Victory World School is a premium education institution that is proposed to be affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We use English as a mode of communication in order to provide wholesome education to all our students. We have been involved in creating like-minded students who are becoming ready for a bright future. Victory World School believes in offering impactful, co-educational, holistic and personalized education to all students so that they receive the required level of development. Our school is open to all students and we welcome all students with the same concern. We are a selective school that not only focuses on academics but also pay full attention to extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Inspired by the motto of delivery highest quality education to students, we inspire each student to learn new things and achieve their desired academic goals. Victory World School considers parent as the building block and hence we involve them at all stages. We want to give students excellent quality education and believe that parents can help their child acquire skills and knowledge at a faster rate. Our school has implemented top notch curriculum that prepares students for real-life challenges.

At Victory World School, we strictly follow the set rules and regulation and implement them in all our activities. Our school focuses on developing academic knowledge as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, team bonding, behavioral traits, and creativity. We want our students to be active thinkers and a part of the changing economy. We want them to learn new things at each stage and keep their curiosity alive forever.
In line with our motive, our teachers work hard at all primary and secondary level and continuously work on academic excellence. We have invested in modern facilities and tools so that students can use innovative ways of learning.

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Updated on: [September 28, 2018]