Calorx Olive International School, Ahmedabad

Address:Plot No 126,127, Ranchhodpura Bhadaj Road, Beside Ahmedabad Dental College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380058

Phone: 9099933804

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Calorx Olive International School is all about arriving at the next level, reaching out for the extraordinary and making that quantum leap, from a linear ‘teaching’ environment, to a friendlier ‘learning’ environment. We believe in helping our students align better to a world where change is inevitable and adapting to that change rapidly, the need of the hour.

At Calorx Olive International School, we believe that for laying a solid foundation of learning the child should be motivated to develop the skills of independent thinking and problem solving. This is facilitated through a robust curriculum that is tailored towards meeting individual learning needs, thereby encouraging every student to achieve his or her potential.

Each student is unique and we at COIS endeavor to build on the raw talent and energy that each child brings along; and enable the child to achieve personal success. We look forward to working in close partnership with your child and you over the coming years.

We are proud of our community of instructors, parents and students for successfully upholding a learning strategy where it allows the individual to construct a framework on which one can proceed to enhance and build on one’s knowledge.

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Updated on: [September 14, 2018]