Edify Kids Pre School, Makrana

Address:Edify Kids, 108, Subhash Nagar, Makrana, Rajasthan-632006

Phone: 9782503999

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Website: edifykids.com/edifykidsmakrana.html
CLASSES: play Group

"Do not judge my intelligence by the answers I give, but instead by the questions I ask". - Mark McGranaghan

We have designed our holistic education program by infusing best of learning from some of the early-childhood learning approaches to give the best possible learning environment to the child.

Edify Kids curriculum is designed keeping in mind how each child can learn best.

It is built around the most recent evidence from child psychology, brain based research and experience of leading practitioners.

Our education model includes " Inquiry based learning' and "3C" which means 'Character, Competence and Content, ensuring holistic education to the child.

Our environment and curriculum reflects the natural needs of the young child.

Every aspect of the child is nourished: spirit, heart, mind and body. The education is carefully structured and systematic to ensure harmony of work, rest and play for a well balanced day.

A high staff-to-student ratio, focus on small-group work and individual attention allow us to offer challenge and support as appropriate.

Throughout their learning in the Edify kids, child acquire and apply a set of skills which are valuable not only for the teaching and learning that goes on within classroom but also in life outside the school.

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