Little Elly Pre School, Maruthi Garden

Address:No 5, Blessing Dale, Maruthi Garden, Opp Rainbow Residency, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560035

Phone: 9845316253, 9886779756

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CLASSES: play Group

ĎLittle Ellyí is one of the best pre-schools in Maruti Garden that offers various kindergarten programs that will help your child to get ready for further school in a playful learning environment. The programs will help to enhance various skills like to improve a love for learning, make friends, prepare for schools, enhance skills useful for life and enhance a love of learning. We are providing an appropriate learning surrounding that enhances children to be successful, confident and lifelong learners.

The essential overarching aim of throughout the day kindergarten school in Maruti Garden is to better plan understudies to succeed. The meaning of progress is obviously subjective depending on each personís preferred: an improvement of learning capacities, an expanded score on the future institutionalized exam, or the capacity to all the more viable associate with friends. Our pre-school programs present the things that children will soon be going schools that have an assortment of more expectations in a kidís scholastic and social achievement. We have planned fundamental educational modules that will affect on a consistent development in writing, reading and vocabulary abilities, and other co-curricular exercises vital for progressing accomplishment in a kidís school and life.

At kindergarten school, kids find the way to learn and discover many things. So, we have outlined our system in such a way in order to bestow all the more learning background for each kid. Itís our duty to offer a feeling of solace to everyone of the kids that will give the lovely feeling. It makes them dynamic and aware of participating in all activities organized by the school.

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