Little Elly Pre School, Pai Layout

Address:#444, 14th,A Cross, 1st Main, Pai Layout, Old Madras Road, KR Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560016

Phone: 9740327207

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CLASSES: play Group

‘Little Elly’ pre-school in Pai Layout endows your child the best intellectual skills, narrative skills, abstract thinking and social skills at the very early stage. We comprehend that you need the best for your children. We are offering various benefits for constructing a bright career of your kid. Our facilitators and teachers realize the needs of your youngster and have planned accordingly.

Play school in Pai Layout offers various kinds of worthwhile activities that permit your kid to show their creativity, understand to utilize their imagination and work on various problem and puzzle solving skills. These skills will be useful to make a strong base for further studies or when they begin kindergarten. This play school has organized all these activities in an efficient manner and in a safe and secure environment. We are offering them with colorful and attractive classrooms that develop more interest in them to remain in the school. This is best for triggering and motivating their minds and assisting children to set up in the learning mode. After learning all the things we will encourage them to apply their learning and skills without any pressure.

‘Little Elly’ presents some benefits like it permits kids to have snacks with other children, guides to share their toys, behave properly, having healthy communication together and much more. All the children will be given equal treatment and opportunity without any priorities. Now, you could have realized the importance of sending your child to a pre-school. So, consider this as the necessity not the alternative for your child.

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