Little Elly Pre School, Karthik Nagar

Address:#48, LRDE Layout, Karthik Nagar, Outer Ring Road, Behind Bawarchi, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560037

Phone: 080 65607268
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CLASSES: play Group

If you are wondering for the pre-school in Karthik Nagar then you may send your child to ‘Little Elly’. Here, the teachers and associates are well trained to take care of your child efficiently. They take care of children personally, in groups, and the entire groups at various times throughout the day. They will help to access your child talent and skills and teaches them to improve it and learn more.

In pre-school, the kids spend the vast majority of time working with materials and in playing with others. They don’t meander randomly and they are not anticipated that would sit shyly for more time. Kids have access to different exercises all through the day. Search for mixed building pieces and other development materials, props for the play, color books, colors and table toys like puzzles, pegboards, and matching games. It is not necessary that every child will perform the same activities at one time, rather they will be divided into groups to do so. The classroom is finished with youngsters’ unique fine art, their own particular written work with developed spelling, and stories directed by kids to teachers.

At ‘Little Elly’ play school they will get to learn the alphabet and numbers. The normal universe of plants and creatures and important activities in order to develop their internal skills. Children have a chance to play outside consistently. Faculties read books to kids separately or by creating small groups for sometimes in a day. Educational modules are adjusted for your children and we also offer extra assistance if they required. These are the foremost reasons parents need to send their children to pre-school at the correct age.

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Updated on: [September 07, 2018]