Little Elly Pre School, HSR Layout

Address:No.23, 18th Cross, Near BDA Complex HSR Layout, 7th Sector, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560102

Phone: 9845170927, 9945598149

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CLASSES: play Group

‘Little Elly’ pre-school in HSR Layout encourages your child to develop new skills and enhance existing skills. Nowadays, parents are taking this as the essential steps for the betterment of their child carrier, not as an alternative. By keeping this in mind our school is offering all the care and attention that is most importantly required for the growth of your child. We are here to take the utmost care of your youngster like you used to take at home.

From the academic point of view, our play school will provide with a yearly progress year that will help you to know the progress of your child in different areas. We have planned our curriculum based on the observation of different children and if your child or you required any changes over it then we will consider it too. Our curriculum is made in such a manner that it will help to build strong strengths, interests, and needs of your child. Play school in HSR work under the instruction and direction of the center head, with this the assessment of your child will be done by all our staff members efficiently. For doing all this they have given all the training that helps to increase their understanding. All the assessment will be done in different areas like language, social, emotional, literacy, physical, science, math, social studies, dance, art, music and cognitive.

The pre-school in HSR layout assists all the children in equal manner without any kind of priorities. Your children will be kept under our eyes all the time they will spend with us. All this will be done with actual attention and care.

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Updated on: [September 07, 2018]