Trips international School, Rajahmundry

Address:1166, Tripura Nagar, Gadallama Nagar Road, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh-533107

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Every minute is a learning opportunity and every minute counts” is my inspirational perspective as the Founder Director of TRIPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

As a modern educationist, transporting the idea of learning to action…we have connected important dots in building a vital learning structure and establishing a creative world of educational ideas. Our active engagement has demonstrated strong outcomes in education innovation, teaching, learning, school management and organization as well as student development.

Our vision actively engages young learners in the highest quality learning activities; exploring new way of thinking, new methods, new ideas and a new model of learning that connects the timeless lessons from nature to an effective preparation for a fast-changing future.

We have been routing our expertise on emphasizing a child’s potential to its fullest rather than finding the middle ground. Assessing each child for inherent strengths, talents and sustained interests, we strive to enhance their response towards academic and non-academic activities through stimulating ways. The success and accuracy we have in determining each child’s unique learning style has benefitted in the all round development and crafting a readiness for learning among the children.

Our children are enthused to dream big and lead a productive, fulfilling life as lifelong learners and responsible citizens. The new sense of biosphere interconnectivity and responsibility goes hand-in-hand with empathy workshops towards underprivileged young and elderly sections of the society.

And thankfully these higher standards embraced by us are mirrored by our ex-tripsians who stepped out of our zone and grew in confidence with various prestigious national and international universities. These placement successes give a greater transparency on how prepared our students are, to succeed in life and compete with their peers around the world and the quality of premium education gifted at TRIPS. We thank all the parents who understood us in everyway in envisioning a new direction.

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