Swethachalapathi Samasthanam School, Bobbili

Address:Bazaar Road, Near krishna Theater, Aguruvidi, Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh-535558

Phone: 08944 255677

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Welcome to Samasthanam Educational Institution, one of the12333 premier educational institutions of India. Samasthanam Educational Institution’s past extends through the era of the British East India Company, Victorian Era, the British Raj and the Independent India. Samasthanam Educational Institution is one of the first hundred schools established by Indian managements, soon after The Department of Education was founded by Sir Charles Wood, the President of the Board of Control of The East India Company. Through the patronage of Six Rajahs and one Rani, Samasthanam Educational Institutions have been giving the best quality education for the last 153 years. The history of education in India states that the Royal Family of Bobbili was the second Indian Management to start a school in the southern Orissa –Vishakhapatanam – Rajamundry region. Ever since Samasthanam Anglo-Vernacular School (English and Telugu medium School) was established in Bobbili in 1864. The school has been providing all its students with the best quality education.

So let us say this very school is a holy one, for it is one of the most ancient temples of learning in India. Samasthanam Educational Institutions have been shaping the lives of lakhs of students ever since it came into existence in 1864. Now it’s the responsibility of every person associated with the school to uphold the divinity of this holy temple of learning. It’s our responsibility to keep the sanctity and the serenity of this historical institution.


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