Budding Minds International School, Chennai

Address:Sri Annamachari Street, M S Subbalakshmi Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-601301

Phone: 9840391815

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Website: www.buddingmindsinternationalschool.co

Our motto is BUILDING HEALTHY MINDS. With the Goal to provide a stimulating environment that allows students to achieve their full potential by promoting an education with the values under mentioned.

Integrity: in all of our actions being honest, fair, responsible and loyal.
Respect: by treating others and the environment with care, consideration and regard.
Responsibility:by being accountable for oneís own actions and learning.
Excellence:in striving to achieve oneís personal best in all that they do and acknowledgement of such.
BMIS Strives to offer its students

An academically challenging and supportive education.
Learning experiences that are meaningful, challenging and relevant to the world in which we live.
A focus on creative and critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication skills
That supports its students to become responsible, globally-minded citizens that will enable them to participate and thrive in a modern, changing world
A love of learning and to internalize learning as a lifelong process.

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