St Gregorios High School, Ghatla

Address:NB Patil Marg, Ghatla, Mumbai , Maharashtra-400071

Phone: 022 25203791

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CLASSES: High School

The St. Gregorios Education & Medical Trust was formed in 1992, with the express purpose of giving back to the community in which they were based, something special - and what could be more special than young people, enlightened and eager to do their bit for humanity. They drew inspiration from their Patron Saint –St.Gregorios, who believed in love for all and sympathy and affection to all mankind. Thus was born the St. Gregorios High School.

The Gregorian Nursery and Kindergarten opened its doors to children in the year 1993, and in the following year 1994, the main school began functioning with only 21 children in class I. From these humble beginnings, the school has gone from strength to strength and today a huge 5 storeyed building with a basketball court and long jump pit side by side with a throw ball court and stadium bears testimony to the determination and commitment of all those associated with the school.

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