Safa English Medium Public School, Nalgonda

Address:Rahmath Nagar Street, Nalgonda, Telengana-508001

Phone: 08682 231666
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Safa Public School (EM) was established in 2001 in Nalgonda town (telangana State) with an ideology that only worldly academic education is not sufficient for our ultimate success.
So, the School provides an environment in which the student can learn, understand and practice Islam as way of life and also develop their personality skills etc.
The School was started to give parents a chance to educate their children in such a place where their children can get Islamic teachings along with National Academic Curriculum of modern education, so that they can learn to see for themselves how Islam is linked closely to every aspect of life and surroundings.
The School aims to prepare Muslim students to be a good Muslim and respectable citizens, to enable them to grow up to become upright, respectable and worthy citizen of the country
A healthy Islamic Environment has been provided in the school in which the children feel comfortable and secure,
In Sha Allah.
It is a place where children advance in self-descipline, courtesy and good-manners as adopted by Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

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