AL Muminah School,Navi Mumbai

Address:Plot No.11, Sector 8-B, Opp. Allana Masjid, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra-400614

Phone: 022 27573665
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We have reached a stage where an average Muslim, educated in pure worldly academics, is unable to understand Islam because the Islamic theologians, who impart the Islamic teachings, are not educated in the Sciences and Mathematics and therefore, are unable to satisfactorily answer with logic and reasoning, the questions asked by Muslims educated in academics only.

We have come to a point where the majority of Muslims are unaware about the teachings of Islam. It is surprising that, even though Qur’an is the most read book in the world, it is the least understood book.

Islam has taught its followers to seek all ‘beneficial knowledge.’ Hence giving only religious education also does not suffice. Our aim is to provide both Islamic and 'worldly' academic knowledge to our students. We will strive to nurture girls of upright character and high academic caliber who will be Muslims in the truest sense of the world In sha Allah

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Updated on: [August 30, 2018]

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