Cambridge English School, Darjeeling

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CLASSES: Ist to Xth

Welcome to No two children are the same. Their eating habits, playing interest, learning aptitudes, moral values are different.

In most we generally motive the interest of a child, in a child, in the area we fell is the best him/her. We decided what is best for child. As teachers are educators we have a significant and pivotal role to pay. We have to realize the interest of a particular child in respect of a particular game/sport or subject, and create the perfect ambience for it (potential) to be nurtured and perfected. Very rarely does a child come out successful in reaching his/her objectivities. There are many reasons for this. Poor infrastructure, none availability of resource, untrained educators are just some of the reasons to cite for this result. By and large, it is the institute that has to ensure, that a child reaps the maximum benefits from the teachers, resources, equipments and the environments. To incalculate in the child, a sense of responsibility, is one of the fundamental duties of a teacher. We have experienced its effects, and better more realized how it instils a sense of useful, social, physical and spiritual growth.

A boat without a rubber" - is like a man an aim/objective. Contrary to this fact, we have realize hoe important it is for us educators, to imagine the potential/qualities of a child is born with, and provide all necessary grooming and perfecting scope to this potential. It is an unimaginable thought to have twenty children in a class and each to have an individual interest to twenty different things. But as educators we need to imagine it. In doing so, this imagination turns into a challenge. A challenge to bring out the best in the potential of the child. An objective that, in the long perspective, will enable the child to discover the attributes, qualities, talents and potential in him /her self. This, in turn would inevitably lead to the child being able to decide the career she/he is best suited for.

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