By The Sea Nursery School, Mumbai

Address:Amar-Jivan, 19A Worli Sea face, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400030

Phone: 8655286667

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CLASSES: play Group

By the Sea is committed to developing and strengthening children's self-esteem and confidence through the cultivation of positive attitudes, skills, interests and peer relations.

The school creates an environment that empowers children to seek answers, understand and learn. This results in children who can think for themselves and are not fed information.

Our Philosophy

By the Sea prioritizes the child’s social and emotional wellbeing. Curiosity and exploration are promoted which in turn encourages the children to take risks, face challenges and develop a progressive attitude. Cultivating life skills forms the crux of the philosophy. This philosophy aims at developing lifelong learners by providing activities which make them self-reliant.

The school’s environment helps them to be perceptive and aware of others and their needs as well as responsive to their natural environments. The learning materials and activities are designed to enable children to explore the material as per their readiness and age appropriateness. This makes learning enjoyable and promotes the child’s uniqueness and positive self-worth. This approach ensures their all-round development- physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

The teachers facilitate, prioritize and celebrate each child’s distinctive way of learning so that it is internalized and becomes a way of life.

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