LHL CBSE School, Kanyakumari

Address:LHL Nagar, Visuvasapuram, Near RTO Office, Thovalai, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu-629302

Phone: 8344400042, 8883454545

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Website: www.lhlcbseschool.com

A school has the power and ability to mould thousands of young minds, to inculcate good values, strong citizenship and sound bedrock of intellect.

Leadership is the single most important component of educational reform, worldwide. The truly successful educational leaders create safe places for learning, encourage risk-taking and expect results. LHL CBSE School with a view to bring out the leadership in every individual child was incepted in 2015. The motto of the school is “Let Him Lead”. Leadership in the 21st century is collaborative & interdisciplinary.

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We at LHL believe that good outcomes are possible only with qualitative educational values and we take it our prime motive to impart high quality education to our children.

Learning environment is rightly provided where children enjoy the process of gaining knowledge.Supporting this concept of CBSE, all Saturdays at LHL are No Books day.Children involve themselves in performing various activities where the freedom of thoughts and ideas is allowed to flow.

The academic session in our school is continued to provide an excellence driven,world class and holistic education. We have throughly worked upon the respect for traditions together with a progressive attitude towards the future. Our Institution provides academic vigour with a caring heart and an appreciation of the individual with the warmth of a cohesive school community.

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