Park Public School, Namakkal

Address:Vinayak Gardens, Periyapatt , Namakkal, Tamil Nadu-637002

Phone: 9489294050, 9488484050
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In keeping with our commitment to providing learning opportunities of the highest standards, PPS always ensures that the curriculum is comprehensive in breadth and depth and that the latest pedagogical practices are adopted to optimize the teaching efforts and learning strategies.

Our teachers focus on fostering in students lifelong learning skills such as inquiry and critical thinking; self-management and social skills; investigation and problem-solving and effective communication skills. They use a mix of whole-class, group and individual activities and instruction that encourages active learning and open discussions, where the ideas of students are both valued and respected.

Students are at the heart of academics at PPS. Learning is always kept challenging, varied, supported, relevant and engaging. Teachers extend themselves within and after school-hours to support, clarify doubts and motivate students, in addition to facilitating enrichment programmes. Teachers regularly assess the impact of teaching strategies and the level of student performance. The School provides timely and meaningful information that helps parents remain advised and abreast of their childís attainments and enables them to support on-going progress

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Updated on: [August 29, 2018]