MV Parikh English Medium School, Kapadwanj

Address:KKM Campus, Dakor Road, Kapadwanj, Gujarat-387620

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CLASSES: Pg, Lkg, Ukg

Shree M. V.Parikh English Medium Nursery School, established from 2000 is managed by Kapadwanj Kelvani Mandal. From very beginning there are two division at that time, L.K.G, U.K.G. there were 25,25 students at that time. In the academic year 2013-14 the school has been making steady progress and is at great benefit for the people of Kapadwanj area in the vicinity of town. The school is moving ahead with great progess, since 2002 we have 3 division of P.G , L.K.G , U.K.G-4 division total 215 students are enrolled in the school. In our School there are montessory trained teacher. They teach them by Madam Mariya montessory method.

The language at the campus is English. In our school we have a small library, multimedia and assembly hall. Beside this we provide platform for curricular, co- curricular and extra curricular activities for overall development of the students. We also arrange three parents meeting during academic year and we use daily diary to inform the parents. This year we have added new extra activity music period. We provide them healthy breakfast and celebrate birthday and invite the parents. We also celebrate various festivals. We provide gifts to students on their birthday and competition and long/short two picnics are arranged during academic year. Teachers are competent enough to bring out their hidden talents of the students and motivate them to develop their talents.

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Updated on: [August 28, 2018]