The Northstar School, Rajkot

Address:Adjoining RK University, Bhavnagar Highway, Kasturbadham, Rajkot, Gujarat-360020

Phone: 9099195950

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Our Facilities
The school architecture transcends the boundaries between inside and outside. The entire building merges seamlessly with the surrounding landscapes and greens. Even within the school, each class has courtyards on both sides. The first floor studios have “live walls” with climbing ivies on either side.

While designing the learning spaces at Northstar we analysed the current assumptions about learning and students that institutions make. These are:

Learning only happens in classrooms.
Learning only happens at fixed times.
Learning is an individual activity.
What happens in classrooms is pretty much the same from class to class and day to day.
A classroom always has a front.
Learning demands silence and the removal of distractions.
Classrooms should have as many chairs as possible.
Students will destroy or steal expensive furnishings.
Students need to be confined to their chairs for learning to take place.
Students are all small, young, nimble, and without disabilities.

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Updated on: [August 25, 2018]