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Our nation has a global mission of guiding and directing the world as she had done in ancient times. Our ancestors were adept enough to take up this universal mission. The man making education prevailed here in those days acted as the solid basis of thi¨¨s qualitative achievement. It had the innate strength to uphold the young generations before the world as role models of humanity.

Our curriculum visualised the human as a holistic entity and had designed the entire learning prospects in order to manifest the perfection exist in them. Hundreds of thousands educational institutions, big and small, had flourished here throughout the nation. Aspirants, abundant in number, poured in from all over the world and quenched their thirst for knowledge. Thus stood our nation as a refulgent light before the world. But the entire spectrum had overturned when the Britishers influenced and made inroads in Indian education. They limited their education in short term goals and deleborately detached it from national ethos. Ever since the Macauley system has been introduced denationalised generations, suffering from severe identity crisis are being moulded through our learning centres. But the most disappointing fact is that our independent governments have not tried even a re-think of these matters. On the other hand the so called academicians, under the influence of narrow politics, proposed the same Mecaully line even more vigorously. It is with these striking propositions, Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan the Kerala chapter of Vidya Bharathi Akhil Bharatheeya Siksha Sansthan, entered at the central position, describing the crux of national education. There are a host of deeper questions that our curriculum framers are reluctant to deal with. Learning to be and learning to coexist should be the prime mottos of a truly national curriculum. It should have the potential to lead the human to real self identification. It should guide the learners to lead an ideal civic life too. But they remained in preach only and failed in practice. Our academicians failed in framing a curriculum with such a potential power. This circumstance demands the indispensable necessity of a true national curriculum that would uphold our generations as role models of humanity again.

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