City International School, Pune

Address:Satara Road, Pune, Maharashtra-411002

Phone: 020 24275675, 24261027

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General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

We are a CBSE affiliated School and adhere to CCE.CIS Satara Road emphasizes holistic development which is important, if a child has to blossom into a young adult capable of taking on the challenges of the world.

Further we have always believed in offering a holistic education. We always feel that examination is only a byproduct and never made academics, exams and tests so stressful and exhausting to the child that the child loses his or her pleasure of learning. The school believes in nurturing the childís innate potential allowing the child to thrive in an ambience that is safe and conducive to learning The school offers several opportunities to showcase creativity like the Science Exhibition, Art Works, Display Annual day, Sports Day etc.

Students are encouraged to participate in Music, Dance, Karate. Once identified in what they excel. They are encouraged to pursue in whatever they are good. In order to connect learning to the larger world, teachers engage students in project based learning. Integrated projects, etc.

As an extension of ICT into school teaching we have successfully implemented smart board. Interactive classroom with the Tata Class Edge.
School encourages activity based learning with varied teaching learning styles. The participation of students in the various intra-school & inter school competitions is of high order and students have bagged several prizes.

The school believes in celebrating the achievements and successes of our students by displaying students work. It is a long way and as a team it is our dream to explore the benefits and challenges of working with schools in other countries and to identify ways of effectively, supporting education for global citizenship enhancement, through our own educational practices.

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