Bhor Academy, Dhupguri

Address:Ward No. 01, Bhowal Para, Dhupguri, West Bengal-735210

Phone: 8170006290, 9932222888
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Bhor Academy is a dream, dreamt by the members of Harendra Chandra Das Memorial Educational Society, shaped to reality to educate the next generation of the society with the modern education, keeping in touch the eternity of rituals and social responsibilities. Bhor Academy was established under the aegis of "Harendra Chandra Das memorial Educational Society" (Regn. No. S/1L/39793). Desired to make pupils of the society, most responsible citizen, H. C. Das Memorial Educational Society was established in 2006. Being an educational society, the first duty was to deliver education to the pupils of the society and to prepare them to educate themselves throughout their lives. First English medium academy of the city empowering the children with knowledge and accountability to create a great society. Today, Bhor Academy is a premiere educational institution in Dhupguri and one of the only few school affiliated to CBSE. As per the words of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill -"The first duty of a University is to teach wisdom, not trade; character, not technicalities." Keeping the truth of the words, we are strived to instill humanity in children.

HCDME Society
Harendra Chandra Das Memorial Educational Society, was founded in the year 2006, in fond memory of Late Sri Harendra Chandra Das, an indissoluble person of Bhowal Para, Dhupguri, one of the first few men to come, stay and develop the area.
Being an educational Society, we are always committed to develop the educational interest of the children of the society. We are endeavoured to enthuse the children of all level, irrespective of gender, cast and colour, to get complete education. Beside opening Bhor Academy, the society has also ensured education for the under privileged children of the society. The Society sponsors few students from under privileged segment to get free education in Bhor Academy. H C Das M E Society also ensures education for the members of society. Some personnel of the society has completed their Higher education, while working for the academy and some of them are still pursuing education and supported by the society.
We, the members of the society, are pledged to make the society 100% literate.

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