Maplewood School, Haldwani

Address:Madhuban Colony, Near Bharat Gas Office, Kaladhungi Road, Haldwani, Uttarakhand

Phone: 9690461234

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As an enterpreneur when i began teaching
It was not in my wildest dream that I would start my own school one day . As the passing years helped me gain maturity , it was at the back of my head that I would administer my own school in future. From that moment onwards i started living my dream in my thoughts. I genuinely devoted myself to teach children , finding ways to comprehend their psychology thus catering to the requirements of individual child

To acquaint myself with the expectations of parents , I taught in the local schools.The experience thus gained will assist me in my new venture.

The journey is not easy AS THE MEDIUM IS HUMAN MIND AND SOUL . But I'm determined to strive for the best for my children as EACH CHILD IS MY RESPOSIBILITY . I am bound to provide them the best education , the sound characters and adorable personalities.

I am quite confident that by Almighty's grace and our efforts my children will stand out in the crowd as amiable gentlemen and ladies and bring laurels to the school.

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Updated on: [August 21, 2018]