Sandipani Vidyamandir, Nagaon

Address:LB Road, Senchowa, Nagaon , Assam-782002

Phone: 03672 225745

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There seems to be lots of new happenings around the globe. We all are aware of it and have sensed the changes. We are now a new team with new zeal and honest ideas for providing with the best possible academic atmosphere, keeping pace with the latest competitive era, merging new ideas with new outlook and vision. We are out to win new friends. But we shall choose people of substance, of character and of positive mind to associate even if it means walking a few extra miles, to change things for better prospects.

Change is painful, we all instinctively avoid it. But they are the unhappy people who most fear changes. We are sure; the change that is happening is a welcoming one. We are committed to it.

To achieve all this we would not to go alone. We want all our friends to come together to share the passion and to build a new forum based on right principle towards our goal......

Being the most expected school with all terms and conditions followed will be affiliated in no time to C.B.S.E. Authorities. It is the most prestigious institute of entire Nagaon District which is affiliated to CBSE Delhi. The school has strived for every academic excellence. It is expected that with the proper infrastructure, it is going to fulfill the aspiration of the parents in a judicious way with knowledge of Indian Tradition and Culture by setting several mile stones both in Academic and Non Academic areas.

Visitors: [583]

Updated on: [August 21, 2018]