Jenkins School, Cooch Behar

Address:Silver Jubilee Road, Cooch Behar, West Bengal-736101

Phone: 03582 226318

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Maharaja Narendra Narayan, the 20th King of Koch dynasty [Rajshak 338-354 || Bangabda 1254-1270 || 1847-1863 A.D.], had great interest for education. For the first time, he arranged for a modern education system in Cooch Behar. He established Jenkins School in 1861 A.D. within Cooch Behar city to impart English lessons and higher studies. At that time there was no High School in the region. After setting up the school, students of not only Cooch Behar but of entire UttarBanga (North Bengal) obtained the opportunity of higher studies. Starting from third standard, students are able to study up to twelfth standard in this school.

Other Achievements
After India attained its independence in 1947, the princely state of Cooch Behar merged with the Indian dominion as Cooch Behar district within West Bengal state and Jenkins School was declared as one of the State Government schools. During that period, many renowned teachers joined the schoolunder the patronage of the then King of Cooch Behar - Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan [Rajshak 427-461 || 1936-1970 A.D.], and the Government of West Bengal. Between late 1940s and early 1960s, the school flourished under the leadership of Head Master, Kalipada Mukherjee. The Maharaja also deployed Sailen Dutta, a veteran cricketer of the Bengal Cricket Team for the upliftment of sports education in the school. These developments resulted in the school soon being counted among the premier educational institutes of West Bengal.

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