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Keeping up with the CBSE guidelines, the following committees with experienced Mentors and Teachers who would be working with Principal and Vice-Principals for free interaction between students & teachers have been constituted.Constitution of 3 committees1.Corporal Punishment CommitteeA. Mrs.Kalpana PatroB.Mr.K.V.Shankar RaoC.Mr.A.V.G.R.SastryD.Mr.K.MuralidharE.Mrs.J.K.AnuradhaF.Mrs.T.Manorama 2.Sexual Harassment Committee/Gender Sensitization CommitteeA. Mrs.G.RadhaB.Mrs.K.Amar JyothiC.Mrs.T.Nirmala RaniD.Mrs.R.Vennela KanthiE.Mr.K.V.S.Siva Prasad 3. Career Guidance and Counseling CommitteeA.Mr.K.Amar Paul Jay RajB.Mr.N.Trilokeshwar RaoC.Mrs.Reena GahlotD.Mr.P.N.SastryE.Mrs.V.PadmaStudents are the pride of a school. With thier meritorious performance, the school has bagged many a prestigious awards in the past few years. To mention a few: 1. Train Green Programme, HSBC had presented the school the Best Project Award and Best Waste Management Award.2. The Best Heritage Club Award for three consecutive years. The school once again bagged the second place at the National Level for the year 2015-16. 3. At the Horlicks Wiz Kids competition, VVS was the proud winner of the Best School Award for 5 consecutive years. For the same competition winning teams of Horlicks Wiz Kids represented the city of Visakhapatnam in Bangalore. Five times One student won the South Asian Level Competition and a cash prize of Rs.1Lakh.4. We have prodigies in Tennis from classes VI, IX, XI & XII who have won many District, State level competitions and also National Level Tournaments by AITA.5. In the game of Basketball too we have a winner of Silver and Bronze Medals and a two times Captain of the A.P Team for the year 2015-16.6. VVS won one among the 30 schools whose project on Child labor in the supply chain and Nukkad on Eradication of Child Labour was selected by CBSE this year (2016). A few noteworthy achievements in the month of October and November 2016 are given below:1.World Wildlife Week Celebrationsa.In senior category English Elocution, students won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.b.In senior category English Essay Writing, the 1st and 3rd prizes.c.In senior category Telugu Elocution 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. In Junior Category 1st and 3rd.d.The 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in Telugu Elocution in Senior Category.e.The 2nd prize for Hindi Skit.f.1st prize for drawing in Senior Category.2.Police Commemoration Day – 21st Octobera.1st, 2nd and 3rs prizes in Painting and Craft competition.3.Second place in Quiz conducted by Gandhian Studies Centre, Andhra University4.Decathlon by Rotary Couplesa. Champion of Champions Trophy – 1st place and 2nd Runners up too.b. 1st prize winners of Word Jumble, Essay Writing, Ad tag, Elocution, G.K, Spell Bee, WordMaze and Vocabulary.c. 2nd place for Essay Writing and Vocabulary.The school magazine “Madalasa” the Eco club Heritage Club and Interact Club give opportunities to students to hone the skills and enhance their talents, abilities and give expression to their creative potentials.

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