Phoenix Public Residential School, Belgaum

Address:NH-4, Pune Bangalore Road, Honaga, Belgaum, Karnataka-591156

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Phoenix was started in June 1988 with a similar aim. Why the school was named “Phoenix”? Phoenix basically represents the beginning of a new life that will bring both material and spiritual regeneration. It also represents fire and activity that will produce gold. In ancient mythology, Phoenix is a mythical sacred fire bird that is a fire spirit with a beautiful gold and red plumage. It has 500 to 1000 year life cycle, At the end of its life cycle Phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced into ashes, from which a new, young Phoenix or Phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The Phoenix ability to be reborn from its own ashes implies that it is immortal, and invincible – a symbol of fire and divinity-, though in some stories the new Phoenix is merely the offspring of the older one. In very few stories it is able to change into human form.

As the Phoenix bird was said to regenerate when hurt or wounded thus being immortal so also in Phoenix a child is not considered as a total useless product if he is not good in studies or games but the child is provided with special tutors are appointed to cater to the academic need of the week students. So that his best talent is exposed and he feels that he is worth getting the best. The students who avoid sports are clubbed together and put under Physical Instructers and are motivated to participate in the daily sport routine.

Initially the aim of Phoenix was to provide quality education in uplifting the rural masses in and around Karnataka. The school was started with a small strength of 19 and rose to 1000 in a short span. Slowly the motto of the school had a global concept, i.e. Vasudeva Kutumbakum, which means “Universal family”. As we all are witnessing the competitive world, parent often lookout for schools where the children get 90% and above. There are schools in India who are branded for their results, where the students who fall below 90% are out of the school and these types of schools are named as “Good” schools. Is a school good only if the students are able to score 90% and above?

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