Bragnam Pre School, Zirakpur

Address:27,MS Enclave, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab-140603

Phone: 9218559459

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CLASSES: play Group

Play schools have become a serious profession (both in terms of money & efforts involved),a passion for many & a cause in today's world. Parents are very much concerned today while seeking admission of there wards in any play school and while mitigating these hurdles parents are doing every possible thing right from searching on search engines to visiting all the campuses in near by regions and assessing study patterns,formats, play way facilities available, day boarding facility and security systems in the school to ensure security and overall development of the child.

In recent times various policies have been framed in different nations for governing processes in play schools. Committees have been made in these nations for setting up guide lines right from setup of the school to day to day operations.Policies are made for approvals,day to day operations,security systems,monitoring and adherence to guidelines.Although this have been seen that these guide lines are flagrantly violated.

Although media have highlighted this sorry stage many times and suggested changes for these committes,but somehow all in vain.In era of global revolution parents are very aware and thus try every possible alternate while admitting the child in the play school.They are also very much aware of rights of parents and do try to keep best of checks so as to make it win win situation for themselves.

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