Rosy Public School, Fatehgarh

Address:PWD Road, Distt. Farrukhabad, Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh-209601

Phone: 05692 234149, 235010
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Facilitiesa. Effective Curriculum as per CBSE syllabus.
b. Classroom Teaching Transparent and effective communication of imparting knowledge.
c. More emphasis on ‘How, Why, What’ question from the student during teaching.
d. Laying more importance on creative writing & updating notes-through discussion and debates.
e. Proper revision on the subjects are of great priority revision-periods are led by the teachers in all classes.
f. Learning through group study among student is practiced.
g. Study material programme for each and every subject is introduced to generate interest among student.
h. Examination & Tests The time-table for the examination is set to test the knowledge of the students.
i. Online Detailed Students Assessment system by Educational Initiative.
Discipline is as important as the academic exercises. Discipline in the classroom, corridor, on the ground & outside the four walls of the school is advocated. Discipline should not be imposed on the students but they should be informed about the importance of disciplined life. Discipline in. the absence of teacher/guardian is the real discipline. In the presence of the teacher/guardian: children can enjoy the freedom under guidance.The implementation of discipline should not kill the enthusiasm, inspiration imagination & creativeness of the child no corporal punishment is allowed in the school. The school has a committed & dedicated team of teachers to impart quality education. We give importance to the above mentioned points to inculcate quality education & environment in the school

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