Genius Convent School, Allahabad

Address:Janghai Road, Town Area Handia, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh-221503

Phone: 9335206897, 9307238373

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The school aims to provide a comprehensive system of education that will help to develop children into well-rounded personalities so that they are useful citizen of the country.

It will provide a system of instruction that will teach children to be creative, analytical and problem solvers, Teachers in the school will function as facilitators of hearing rather then mere purveyours of knowledge. The curriculum of the school will be designed to achieve a balance between academic and cocurriculur activities. Individual attention will be given to each and every student.

Aims to provide a learning environment where students are challenged to reach their individual potential by the acquisition of knowledge and the development of personal, cultural and democratic values essential for future success.

School believe that class room learning is not sufficient ot make a child excel in life, therefore it aims to provide student with learning beyond academics by developing talents through an emphasis on extra curricular activities and life skills. The teachers are the heart of the academic program, and little hearts' academy is committed to have motivated and trained teachers. The school also aims to emphasize the importance of collaboration between parents and the school so that all parents are actively involved in their children's education.

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