Sri Krishna Public School, Bistupur

Address:Outer Circle Road, South Park, Jamshedpur, Bistpur, Jharkhand-831001

Phone: 0657 2317239, 2317234

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Sri Krishna Public School is a co-educational English Medium school managed by the Srikrishna Public School Managing Committee and sponsored by Dr. Srikrishna Sinha Sansthan, a regd. society at Jamshedpur. The basic Philosophy and the ideas of Dr. Srikrishna Sinha, the first Chief Minister of Bihar, of which Jharkhand was a part, form the guidelines of this institution. Dr. Sinha wanted all-round development of this area through an ideal and sound system of education, which was to be developed based on modern science and technology. Himself a great scholar, he wanted his state to lead the other states of India in the matter of education. To him education was the light to dispel the darkness of poverty and illiteracy. The School will make all efforts to mould and cast children in the framework of the above ideas cherished by him. The education imparted here would primarily aim at the full and proper development of the childís character and personality. Dr. Sinhaís object of education was to prepare sincere and dedicated leaders to run the democratic institution properly and preserve their fabric for the future. The student in this school will be trained not only to achieve the ideas of socialism, secularism and democracy which were very dear to Dr. Sinha, but also to imbibe the sprit of dedication and service to the country. Creation of equity of life, full of justice and love for all would be the motto of this school.

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