DAV Model School, Garhwa

Address:Choudharana Bazaar, Garhwa, Jharkhand-822114

Phone: 9431363571

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About DAV Model School
Dayanand Arya Vedic (DAV) Model School Organised by Arya Samaj Garhwa Jharkhand. The school’s aims are giving a qualitatively high understanding of education which would be developed the student’s innate potential to the fullest. The school is a co-education Hindi medium school under JAC Board.

History of DAV Model School
A revolution was ignited in early 19th century when Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati lighted ideas illuminating thought and radical social ideas illuminating the Indian Mind. Thus was born the D.A.V. moment under the auspices of Arya Samaj the foundation for the present vast network of DAV.

Our Vision & Our Mission
The principal objective of the school has always been a synthesis of modern knowledge and technology with ancient heritage and culture, a blend of ideals of Arya Samaj with modern positivistic paradigm and a combination of spiritual insight and universal values with a global outlook. It is founded on the premises that “Every child is unique and has the potential to rise to limitless heights” and that “No child should left behind”. Nurtured and moulded this way the child is sure to be a responsible citizen of the country and human being endowed with qualities of head and heart.

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Updated on: [July 18, 2018]

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