Bhartiyam Vidyapeeth, Datia

Address:Jhansi Roda, Datia, Madhya Pradesh-475661

Phone: 07522 237967, 238904
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Our school focuses on individual learning abilities. Here every child is provided with opportunities to achieve academic success and to develop into confident and independent adults ready to face the challenge of this world. Our team of educators completely dedicated to the students helps them, guide them and support them. We provide an exceptionally caring and learning-focused environment for our students.Tiny tots of primary wing play the perfect host when they dress up as community helpers during the Mini Parent Teacher Meeting. Children pay a tribute to all the community helpers whose work makes our day-to- day lives easier. The programme is a unique and effective way of inculcating values of gratitude and appreciation for several community helpers whose labour sometimes goes unnoticed.

The school has also been working on the holistic development of the students, by providing them platforms to explore and tap their talents and potential.Children of the primary wing reciprocate their unconditional love and affection for their grandparents by dedicating an entire day to them in the school premises. The celebrations allow the two generations to bond with each other and etch priceless memories. The day ends with the children gifting hand-made mementos to their grandparents. A mission to arm the students with special skills to enable them to be successful in every sphere of life.A mission to give equal opportunities to each stakeholder for personal growth through 'value added' education. In this endeavour, the parent community has always been there to support the school at every step. The students indulge in various fund raising activities voluntarily for Shiksha Kendra. Reading material, toys, stationery, uniforms and woolens are donated by the parents every year.Bhartiyam Vidyapeeth school is our pride and commitment, hence nothing but the best is made available to the students

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