Surya Academy, Hapur

Address:Kithore Road, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh-245101

Phone: 7830399558

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Surya Academy provides a learning envirnoment which nurtures the intellectual and emotional growth of our students. Our vision is to help the development of a strong character possessing courage to stand up for human values, for secularism, community service and a profound respect for mother earth and to create a centre of excellence in the field of quality education for the students. The Academy believes in excellence through team work, continuous learning, developing aspirants with value, vision & versatility.

1. To focus on developing discipline, moral values & Indian Traditions and culture in children and to make them they can distinguish between right or wrong.
2. To give proper care, support and encouragement to children to learn in a creative and interesting way to lay foundation of a strong and meritorious personality.
To import quality education with highly developed educational infrastructure and excellent faculty. We have clear cut mission to lit flame youth, shaping dreams of youth, building strong foundation and strengthening of educational structure in the youth so that they will lead the society in immediate future.

Visitors: [538]

Updated on: [May 07, 2018]