Bamboo Grove School, Hapur

Address:Opposite Railway Station, Railway Road, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh-245101

Phone: 0122 2311484
9897346771, 8006182840
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CLASSES: Primary School

Bamboo Grove School is a flourishing primary school founded in 2000.
We believe that if the roots are strong and well developed the fruits that the tree will bear will surely be healthy and sweet. In Bamboo Grove, we hope to create the feeling that we are an extension of your family.Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude.In a way, Bamboo Grove ushers the child into the world of possibilities where his/her personality blossoms. The Play way and Montessori methods undertaken here help a child to develop mental,physical,emotional and social growth. Our primary aim is to provide a friendly,caring and a fun atmosphere where children grow with a sound basis for future school life with security and confidence that will remain with them throughout. Our vision is to provide high quality childcare and to ensure the transition between home and nursery is an enjoyable experience for both the child and parents. We take pride in our loving,caring and fun team, whose prime concern is the welfare of the children in our care. All our staff has relevant qualifications and has extensive childcare experiences.We continually invest in staff development through regular training to extend their knowledge and keep up to the date with the latest developments in childcare practices.

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