Miniland Convent School, Hapur

Address:New Shiv Puri, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh-245101

Phone: 0122 2306152
9045959443, 9897999597
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CLASSES: 1st to 12th

Miniland Convent School is a well known, progressive educational institution. The school, with its reputation in the town, caters to the educational needs of students from all over the city. The salient features of the institution can be summarized in the fol≠lowing points:

We focus at overall progress of the child by individual care with stress on manners and etiquettes. We ensure practice of good handwriting from the initials days.

The school firmly believes in child-centered education and attempts to offer a unique opportunity for the optimum develop≠ment of children through using the Montessori method, especially in early classes. In order to ensure that individual attention is paid to all the students. Efforts are made to see that an overall student teacher ratio of 30:1 is maintained.

A close link and personal contact is maintained with the parents of students and their whole-hearted involvement in the education of their children is sought.

The school tries its best to achieve excellence in the field of teaching and learning and offers the latest audio-visual aids and educational equipments to create a suitable atmosphere for the perfect development of children. Modern computers are installed and computer assisted learning is also provided.

We blend modernity with traditions which are so profoundly enshrined in our rich culture and heritage. We teach them good manners to make them a true gentleman and a responsible citizen.

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