Star Pearls Nursery Play School, Ajmer

Address:Behind SBBJ Bank, Shastri Nagar Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan-305001

Phone: 9413994169, 9636011119

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CLASSES: Play School

The Star Pearls Nursery Play school was founded in Ajmer on 1st June, 2011. We are grateful to you for sending your children to our school and further extending our special welcome to the new children and parents that have rightly chosen to become pant of the Star Pearls. We would like to assure you that our loving and kind teachers will help the children to settle quickly in their new magnificent school environment.

At Star Pearls teachers are hand-picked ensuring that they are well qualified in modern teaching techniques and more importantly that they are sensitive to the needs of students, modern day challenges and aspirations of both students and parents. The school offers appropriate play activities that are based on the child's individual needs, interests, and abilities. Under the leadership of qualified individuals, classes will include a balance of biblical concepts, developmentally appropriate academic learning centres, creative artwork, music, outdoor play, conversations. story times, dramatic plays, and group activities. In order to receive maximum co-operation from parents the school organizes parent-teacher meetings at regular intervals of time, which play a major partnership role in the running of school.

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