My World Nursery Play School, Ajmer

Address:59, Baldev Nagar, Lane-1, Makarwali Road, Near Dainik Bhaskar Office, Ajmer, Rajasthan-305001

Phone: 9828650155, 9828372300

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CLASSES: Primary School

The school maintains a complete activity record of every kid each child is examined medically each year. Kids are encouraged to develop their speed and skill of learning and wining the world around them. All kids are observed personally by the expert eyes at My World Nursery Play School. Lots of emphasis is given on individual learning and multiple intelligence theory. My World Nursery Play School comes up with new ideas each year, each month, every day. Yoga and P.T. are daily practised by the kids. They are counselled morally in daily assembly. Child orientation programs are held time to time. We also organize highly experienced programs on parenting, writingworkshops, separation anxiety, nutrition among kids & child orientation programs for parents. More than 100 activities are practised every year to develop both fine and gross motor skills of each child.

Smart days make our kids the smartest among all. Educational trips give lots of fun and learning to all kids and staff. We hope that you will have a meaningful learning experience at My World Nursery Play School . We are proud to have you with us, we look at education not as a means of livelihood but a medium through which little babies are prepared for bright future.

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