Saraswati Modern Public School, Faridabad

Address:Vill. Mohna, Faridabad, Delhi NCR-121004

Phone: 01275 266788
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Welcome to Saraswati Model Public School Mohna where quality education is ensured at all levels to bring forth eminent citizens to the fast growing area of Mohna. Good education is a process that brings about desirable growth in the students (Growth or Change) that one is able to see from year to year and evaluate. There are various kinds of growth that must take place.

Growth in the amount of knowledge and information about various subjects, persons and events. Growth in the quality of the information, that is understanding as well as increased ability to apply knowledge to a variety of situations, by developing one's ability to think. Growth in the number and kind of skills and abilities one discovers and develops: e.g. to speak and write English/Hindi better. To work with own hands, to pick up or participate in organized games or some other skills. Growth in the formation of interests, in the formation of habits, values and attitudes. Developing habits like punctuality, regular, order, working according to a time table, self reliance, especially, developing independent study techniques or learning to learn by oneself etc. Developing values and attitudes such as active concern for the things of the spirit and for the moral and spiritual values: pride in one's country rights, civic conscious and a strive to help others.

To the extend that such growth, your education is successful. But in the measure in which such growth is absent your education is a failure. The responsibility of education is shared by your home, your school and you yourself. Those at home and at school in your education, not so much by paying fees but by providing and fostering as climate where learning can take place. To the extent that you cooperate with your home and your school, you the important third partner whose education is the concern of the other two partners will be able to contribute to your personal growth. In turn you will be able to contribute significantly to the growth of society.

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