Vivekanand English School, Akola

Address:Near Bharat Vidhyalya, Tapdiya Nagar, Akola, Maharashtra-444001

Phone: 0724 2435764
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AFFILIATED TO: Maharashtra State Board

The Vivekanand English School was established in the year 1974 to meet the training needs of children, academics, co-curricular activities, seeking proficiency in integrative holistic care. The school is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education and managed and undertaken by Bharat Shikshan Prasark Mandal in the year 2004 to cater the educational needs of the children of Tapdiya Nagar, Akola. The school as it stands today is a self sufficient, staple and promising institute. A glance at the mile stones covered is ample evidence of the heights the school has scaled through the years from primary school to secondary school and planning to be higher secondary. At

We believe that every child is a precious gift and it is our privilege to nurture them in delightful and encouraging atmosphere. Empower them with a glorious personality, innovative thinking ability, excellent skills needed for a bright future.

Various programs and activities conducted throughout the year support the students to improve steadily and firmly. These activities develop them physically, mentally and intellectually. Theme based cultural programs arranged in the school make them aware of treasurous Indian culture and traditional values. They learn to express these values as well as prevalent social and ethical issues through fun and music and in a way appealing to others. Wide range of sports and games activities both indoor and outdoor enable them to build physically and imbibe in them strong feeling of team spirit. Since establishment, the school has developed and trained hundreds of adolescents and witnessed them to achieve their ambition and better position in the society.

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