Amboli Public School, Amboli

Address:Mulawandwadi, Tal Sawantwadi, Dist Sindhudurg, Mumbai, Maharashtra-416510

Phone: 02363 240248, 240270

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AFFILIATED TO: Maharashtra State Board
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Amboli Public School and Junior College of Science , Amboli : An ideal Family School Situated in the scenic beauty of the Sahyadri mountain ranges on the bank of river Hiranyakeshi. School building is located in 3 acres of land along with ground for various sports activities. APS provides ‘A home school away from home’. We believe in Gurukul system; our ancient tradition which enables the eagles to obtain the knowledge informally. Our students are eagles for us those who soar high into the sky. APS is free from both noise and air pollution. It is away from the mirage of mobiles, TV, internet and many other aspects of society. Eagles are tended and nurtured in APS family as the parents concerned of them. No stone is left unturned for the development of the eagles. Eagles experience various secrets of life and the knowledge which enables them to cope up with day to day life in APS family.

Amboli is one of the Hill stations in Marharashtra situated in the picturesque Sindhudurg district. Geographically it is surrounded by Mountains on one side and located on the beautiful banks of the River Hirenyakeshi. Villages Ajara and Chandgad share a common border with Amboli to the east while the world famous Goa rests on the western side. This however is not sufficient since a lot remains to be done for the local populace. Increasing their standard of living, Providing Quality Education, Better public health facilities etc. It has been observed that due to lack of sufficient educational facilities locally, Students have to shift to nearby cities for higher studies. Taking due from this few social workers and Educationlists have taken the lead and launched an idea of establishing. Amboli Public School Trust, which would provide better schooling and would fulfill the aspirations of the students and their parents. This would facilitate not only improving the educational standards of the common man but would nurture law abiding citizens and future leaders which would be an asset to the society and the nation. The school campus would have a well designed, well lit and ventilated sophisticated classrooms, a library, fully equipped laboratories, IT facilities to cope up with modren world, a fine arts centre and hostel accomodation for the students who wish to stay on the campus. Recreational facilities including a gym, a jogging track and an auditorium would also be there.

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