Shibli National Nursery School, Azamgarh

Address:Amilo, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 9198327094

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AFFILIATED TO: CBSE Aff. No. 2132297

Shibli National Nursery School was eastablished and managed by the Azamgarh Muslim Education Society Azamgarh(Regd.) A great thinker Educationist and historian Allama Shibli Nomanithrough out his life dedicated himself for an Education system which could enable the child to grow up into a complete human being infusing in him all the good qualities of humanity.Keeping in mind in this noble thought by Allama, It was decided to impact modern value based education to our children.

The Shibli National Nursery School aims to provide a nurturing, learning environment to enable students to become responsible citizens, life-long learners, and good communicators through a challenging curriculum. The well researched, project based National learning methodology of the school is designed to prepare students to excel in the world's finest colleges and universities.The Shibli National Nursery School aims to provide a learning environment where students are challenged to reach their individual potential by the acquisition of knowledge and the development of personal, cultural and democratic values essential for future success.

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Updated on: [December 22, 2017]