Smt Manorama Mahavidyalaya, Auraiya

Address:Phaphund Road, Sherpur Sariya, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh-206122

Phone: 05683 697061
9219295369, 9536917691
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

We, Smt Manorama Mahavidyalaya want to be acknowledged as an Institute, Which provides quality education with modern techniques, Innovative learning yet keeping the foundation strong, We want to bring self-belief in a child, allow him to experience the opportunity, joy of discovery-and develop a love of learning, Every child has a gift and who must elevate that talent to itís maximum potential, therefore at Smt Manorama Mahavidyalaya we focus on overall development of the child and keep experience new ways to enhance those skills by initiating the Early Intervention Program Ambitious in design and tremendously successful In execution this inclusion program provides the integration of special studentsí into mainstream education, In accordance with there IEPs, while using therapy to enhance learning.

At Smt. Manorama Mahavidyalaya we have assembled a highly capable staff that I am uniformly impressed of, The staffís unwavering commitment to the growth & development of their students,with the approach that educational attainment empowered future success , is highly commendable. I have had the pleasure of meeting school principal, teachers, who speak of the challenges they face keeping students focused on education in these difficult economic times and we at R.S.P. Public School are making sincere efforts to reduce this gap.

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