Tiny Tots Primary School, Faizabad

Address:Darshan Enclave, Civil Lines, Station Road, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh-224001

Phone: 05278 212597
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Website: www.ttsfzd.org
CLASSES: Primary School

envision creating a growth-promoting climate that stimulatesa learning environment with healthy participation from students, teachers, parents and management. Our education system has to be at par with the changing needs of the society. We have to groom our students for an all round development to be able to take challenges as and when they come so that they learn how to think and not what to think.

Mrs.Tamanna Madnani has done her bachelors in Home Science(H.Sc) from Jadavpur University. A Birla student all through her schooling, she is a tenured teacher, with a focus on enlightening the students.

Our motto is to develop a spirit of belongingness amongst the staff and inculcate team work. The need of the hour for the school is to instill values clubbed with academic excellence.

However, I as the Principal of Tiny Tots Primary School, would like to focus on the word TRUST where:

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