Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Budaun

Address:Near F.C. Godaun, Allapur Road Post Budhiya, Budaun, Uttar Pradesh-243601

Phone: 0755 2854466, 40476006

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Badaun has been established in the year 1991 and is situated Allapur Road Post Budhiya, Near F.C. Godaun area of Badaun in 2.0 acres of land with vast infrastructure, state of the art facilities including audio visual teaching system, computers, library, reading room, music room, art room, Transcendental Meditation hall, yoga hall etc.

Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Badaun like all other Maharishi Institutions is established to introduce Maharishiji’s Consciousness Based Education System in mainstream school education to its students. This system (MCBE) has been tried, implemented successfully and is repeatedly verified by over 600 scientific research studies conducted in 215 universities and independent research institutions of 35 countries. These studies have been published in 6 volumes and have documented the remarkable benefits of Consciousness Based Education e.g. greater use of intelligence, superior brain wave functioning, faster learning ability, faster reaction time, coherent thought process, longer retention of knowledge, improved health and reversal of aging.

Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Badaun is affiliated to CBSE Delhi (up to class 12th). The school has obtained NOC No. 0 on 12.04.2006 from the C.B.S.E. The school has a unique approach to complete and holistic education. The genius of Maharishi school curriculum is that every student studying different subjects identified by the NCERT and Central Board of Secondary Education, seamlessly integrates these with Supreme Science of Life–Vedic Science and Technology.

All students practice Yog, Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and Advance Techniques, to attain higher states of consciousness. This scientific approach to train and balance correlation between mind, body and consciousness has received wide appreciation from parents and they have acknowledged the substantial improvement in their wards.

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